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Carlson fo​r Mayor

From New Haven, FOR New Haven.

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Only 1/3 of New Haven Students are reading on grade level and only 21% are working on level in mathematics.  I have over 20 years of experience in teaching in an inner city.  I'll work with everyone involved to get our students the quality education they need.  My plan starts with  appointing highly qualified individuals to both the Board of Education and Superintendent's Office and moves forward by putting MORE money into the classrooms with more aides, supplies and  programs that have proven results.

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Public Safety

Murders, crime and shootings are making New Haven a dangerous place to live, work and play.  Shootings occur almost daily and murders are on record pace.   I'll work with social programs, organizations and police to prevent crimes, but once a law is broken, we have to enforce laws and prosecute those that commit them.  I plan on increasing Community Policing and hiring more officers with roots in the city.  I'll support the NHPD and allow them to do the jobs they've been hired to do.

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Fiscal Responsibility

The city simply cannot continue to spend money it doesn't have.  Our tax base is shrinking which puts more of a burden on remaining taxpayers.  We cannot continue to have homeowners pay more as it makes living here unaffordable and encourages them to leave and sell to slumlords.  When elected, I'll put forth a balanced budget that does not raise taxes on homeowners and doesn't rely on gifts from Yale or the Federal Government.  I'll make brave cuts, not simply leave unfilled positions empty.


Unlike my opponents, I know firsthand the pain of losing someone to murder.  He was a friend and my brother's stepson.  Sadly, he isn't the only victim I know personally.  Too many New Haven families also know that pain.  Let's make our streets safer TOGETHER!  Please, if you see something, say something!  Please click the ink to view other cold cases.

Cold Cases

Co​mm​unity Involvement

I'm proud to say I have a history of community involvement.  I co-opened Hill Regional Baseball several years ago.  Although we temporarily halted activities for Covid, we will resume again.  Additionally, I have gotten permit parking for Ward 6 residents, petitioned for speed humps and other traffic calming additions throughout Ward 6 and been an advocate for getting our streets and sidewalks repaired or repaved.  You may visit my Facebook page to view the history of what I've done, supported, and fought for.

Paid for by CarlsonforMayor, Treasurer Donna Morrison, approved by John Carlson

Help bring democracy BACK to New Haven by contributing $10, or more, to the campaign.  Doing so will help me qualify for a $20,000 Democracy Fund Grant and help me to run an effective campaign.  The Democracy Fund will doubly match $30 contributions from New Haven residents, making it a $90 total contribution!

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Parks and Green Spaces are NOT for Sale.

Playgrounds, parks, and Green spaces provide many benefits to New Haven residents and wildlife.  Children need places to play and playgrounds are great for their physical and social development.  Everyone enjoys nature and the opportunities for socializing, exercise and the calming effects of scenic views.  Nature, once gone, cannot be replaced.  The city sold Kensington Park for $1.  Under Carlson, parks, playgrounds and Green Spaces are simply NOT for sale at any price.