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Why I'm running.

 ‚ÄčI have a deep love for our city.  I was born, raised, and have lived here for over 50 years.  I love the location: busy harbor on the coastline, between New York and Boston and easy access to I91 and I95.  We are home to world renown Yale University, Yale Hospital and Children's Hospital, have plenty of parks, waterfront, a diverse population, and the best pizza in the world.  My eldest daughter is alive today because of the NICU at Yale Children's Hospital. 

     Yet for all of our positives, New Haven is a city of contrasts.   Home to Yale University, yet our students are not on grade level.  Wealthy, affluent neighborhoods, but third world poverty in others.  Areas that leave their doors and cars unlocked, but streets that have so many shootings residents no longer call the police.  Some areas have immaculately clean, perfectly paved streets and sidewalks while others look like  bombs were dropped.   Crime is on the rise, shootings are almost daily, and criminals seem emboldened.  Yale is a billion dollar corporation and huge property owner, but pays money "voluntarily" instead of taxes.  Instead, the average Joe Homeowner pays the property tax bill or gets a lien on their property.  


New Haven needs leadership and a return to democracy.  We need everyone at the table providing discourse and ideas to solve our many problems.  That is NOT happening currently.  One party rule is a breeding ground for cronyism, corruptness, and ineptness.  Our current Board of Alders is filled with Yale Union employees who often serve as "Yes men"  to Yale and the mayor.  Alders voting on items that benefit their union or employer is a conflict of interest and detrimental to the city.  When elected, I'll work for New Haven, not Yale or other special interests.  I'll do what's best for all of us, not some of us. 

On November 2nd, VOTE CARLSON for MAYOR!

Make a contribution now!

Paper forms can be printed out, completed and mailed with enclosed check made out to "Carlson for Mayor" to Carlson for Mayor, 291 Greenwich Ave., New Haven, CT 06519

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Paid for by CarlsonforMayor, Treasurer Donna Morrison, Approved by John Carlson